When we lose the option for choice

We are living in a world where there is no such thing as too much excess. Right now I am typing into a Word document in the comfort of my own bed with a Bluetooth keyboard on to my tablet which is being held by a stand mounted to the side of my bed. I should mention that I have a perfectly well made gaming laptop sitting in my backpack in the living room. In fact, I probably should be writing this from my desktop. It with it’s dual screen setup, mechanical keyboard, 2.1 surround sound with Spotify playing my favorite Chill Hop playlist, but no, today I want to write this from my bed.
This is where I am in the world. I am allowed these simple pleasures because it is what I have setup for myself. To have these items, these situations of excess. It is not because I needed them. I do not need to have a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, a cell phone, smart speakers to turn on or off the lights in my home. All these things I have because I wanted them. I choose to have these things.
I am not alone in this world of excess. It is what our modern society is currently built on. To start with, an excess of information. This information that we have is what has been bothering me as of late. We have billions of people, human beings on this one tiny speck of dust in the universe. We have all of the world’s knowledge at the whim of a couple of keystrokes, a few taps on a cell phone and yet we are divided knowledge. Knowledge that could write a new history. Knowledge to learn from past mistakes. Knowledge on where we have come from. Knowledge on what it could look like to live in a world with peace, albeit fantasy. Knowledge that could save lives. All of this knowledge at our fingertips and yet we are still at a disadvantage.
You see, with all of this knowledge, we are allowed the ability of choice. Choice is something I myself having grown up in a democracy has afforded me freedoms others around the world might not get. I’m allowed to have my own thoughts, choices, feelings, and opinions on and of the world around me. These freedoms is what has allowed me to live in what some might call “excess”. No matter what you might call it though, humans have had a lot of choice in the state of the world.
This has lead me to ask the question though, at what point do we lose the option for a “Choice”? I’m not saying this in a way to undermine democracy. Far from it. I am saying this from the point in which our existence is doomed.
Humans have a choice in the debate on whether or not they believe Global Warming or Climate Change is real. For those who believe have other choices, whether to do something about it or continue on with the way things are. Those in the latter may choose the idea of, “What do I care? I won’t be around for when it gets worse.”
Those who do not believe in it have a choice as well. To continue to live out their days like nothing is going to happen. To just continue on like the earth is going to be here forever for everyone.
I believe George Carlin said it best, “There is nothing wrong with the planet. The people are F*&%ed. Compared to the people, the planet has been here for [billions] years … The planet has been through a lot worse than us for a long time. It’s been through earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics…” and on and on he goes. Basically though at the root of his skit he is saying that the human race is not a threat to the planet. Long after we are gone, earth will still be here.
Bringing me back to my question, at what point do we lose the option of choice? I hope that it’s obvious that I’m writing this from the point of view that Climate Change is absolutely real. Our world is in very real danger of coming to an end. With the current status of things, I am at point thinking that I might not even make it to the age of 100 if given the chance. Will there be much left of choice at around the age of 60 or 70? What does that say about the generation coming after us. Will they be forced to suffer because of our negligence?
For decades, fantasy sci-fi novels have written about machines and AI taking over the human race because we are incapable taking care of ourselves or doing what is write for our species. It’s a matter of losing choice by our own doing. Man builds machines. Machines assist man. Machines take over for man. In this scenario, what I’m saying is that our planet may take away our excess. Our choice to live the way we do. Soon we may lose our choice to ignore the way we are destroying our survivable environment.
Lately there has been a lot of news about the fires in the Amazon and how it is because business has come in and set fire to it all for cattle. In response, many celebrities have decided that they will no longer partake in the consumption of beef. These few celebrities may have some influence on a small part of society but so long as the business is around, the cattle will still roam. The cow farts will still pollute the atmosphere. So long as we have a need to get to work, we’ll still be driving our cars. So long as the planet remains to be getting warmer and warmer, so to does our consumption of energy to help us remain in a comfortable AC habitat. Throwing that all together, at some point we will all lose the ability to choose to do these things.
At what point should the conversation become about taking away one’s choice? It’s absolutely a crazy thought, but something to consider. It is in fact extremely difficult to even think about as well. How do you take away the ability of choice from mankind? Do we begin by allowing certain choices but not everything? When it comes to the environment, do we just remove the choice to do anything that is bad for the environment? No more driving. No more burning fossil fuels. At what point do we need to make the human race realize that if we don’t do something, we’re all doomed. It won’t happen until we’re all doomed.
I guess I’ll just enjoy my excess while I still got it.

What are the effects?

What are the effects? We as a race just can’t seem to get it’s shit together. I think in just the last few months, move lives have been lost due to stupidity and selfish actions than ever before.

In Somalia, a truck bombing killed hundreds. FUCKING HUNDREDS!  In Las Vegas, one asshole decided that he was going to shoot into a crowd of people enjoying a concert. He killed more than 50 people. Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, Florida, Texas, all devestated by multiple hurricanes.

Only one of these things is beyond our control and that is the weather. We can only protect those that would be in harms way as much as possible.  What about the rest? What about the violence? Why is the world so quick to react with violence?

So many damn questions and not enough answers. Sometimes it feels like oppresion would be easier than what we have today. Not all the time of course but it’s the stories that get reported that just makes you wonder, “Can this world ever know what peace is?” People sing it during the holidays, over and over with songs like Joy to the World but it feels like it falls on deaf ears.

I don’t know what the answers are and I don’t feel like anyone has the right answer no matter what the circumstance. What I do believe is that the world needs to get it’s shit together or we may just end up extinct like the dinosaurs. Only difference is that it won’t be a meteor that takes us out, it’ll be ourselves.


Writing the thoughts in my head

I need to talk. I need to get the thoughts across and out of my head. My head is so full of emotion and depression that I feel like writing is the only way that I can deal with it all. We live in a time where the world is pissed at everything and everyone. We can’t agree on how to be good people. Hell some can’t even agree that we’re all human. We have people who want to murder others for being different, for preaching another religion, for money, revenge, completely stupid reasons. It’s depressing.


The only thing we can all agree on is that we want happiness. Not just happy with what we are or have at the end of the day, but just the fact that we are satisfied. The problem of course is in the how do we become happy?

A particular example is the North Korean leader. What does it take to make a psychopath happy when all he’s known growing up is that we are the bad guys? You have other countries who are trying to do the right thing for their people but are completely incapable of satisfying their needs.

The worst part about writing things down I find is that all I have is questions. I don’t have any answers. Nothing I would consider a real answer. My answer would be a fairy tale of sorts. One that could possibly be only written into a movie. The answer of mine? Just hope that everyone would just get along. What do we do to make that reality?

Collectively, we are (the human race) a species of unrefined wisdom. A wisdom of understanding that we are the species that has risen from a state of basic animal instinct. As I remember hearing in a TED talk once with Adam Savage, we are the only species on this planet has hasn’t evolved physically to fit into our environments. We more or less adapted our clothes to fit our environments.

You can’t just take a lion from an African Desert and drop it into the middle of the frozen tundra and expected to survive for very long. Through evolution, it could be possible of course but that could take some time. We as humans, we are capable of doing such things. So why is it so hard for all of us to just get along?

I think the problem doesn’t exist in our ability to adapt. We have been masters of that ability for thousands of years. I believe that it has something to do with our ability to accept. Acceptance of one another unconditionally.

I need more time to think on this and my brain is going a mile a minute so I’ll need to come back and collect my thoughts.

Till next time

Where do I begin?

So my life is completely different from where it was just a year ago. Many things have changed and my life is completely different. I’m most of the way through my fourth year living here on the mainland trying to make things work for myself. I have two adorable kitties to whom are the only thing I come home to. Well aside from my computer. :-P

I’ve been trying to look out toward the future but I have no idea what it has in store for me. At the same time though, I have no idea what to feed it to make it go the way I would hope to make it turn out in my favor. My life is full of hopes and dreams but nothing singularly to focus on. I have visions of many random things I would love to do but no idea which to do or work on. I want to do them all but no idea where to begin.

Do I go back to school?

Do I try to figure it all out on my own?

So many questions but the one thing that I’m thinking of doing is starting to write some fiction. I’ve been inspired lately by a community of fantasy lovers and they have done nothing but spark my love of story. I’ve always been into fantasy story telling as it’s a way for me to disconnect from the world but to write my own is a venture that I have no idea if I can make it happen. I’ve tried before and only got to two pages.

These guys though have totally inspired me to change all of that. It’s just a group of people playing D&D and loving every minute of it. Well until one of them get’s close to death and is in utter panic. They obviously bring a lot of life to the story being voice actors but the way they play with the story they are creating on the fly is absolutely magic. A better way to describe it is that they are performing at the highest level of Improv Theatre but at the same time just playing a game. Each character is played by each player fully based on their character’s backstory and stats. Each player does a wonderful job of being in that character and it just mystifies me and pulls me in even more. The dungeon master (Matt Mercer) does a wonderful job of pulling the whole story together using his knowledge of the game and lore making for an interesting platform for the players to play off of.

I had never really tried to get into Role Playing but I’ve known others who do and I didn’t think I could do it. I just thought it was just too much for me. That’s all changed now. After watching them go at it with such passion, enjoyment and laughter, I could totally do this. It looks like so much fun.

I’ll get on that later but first… I think it’s time to start coming up with ideas for a fiction that I would love to tell people. Wish me luck.

Also, thank you so much to Geek and Sundry for having a beautiful community for me to find out that I’m not alone in my geek-ness. LOL THANK YOU!

Thoughts through words

Questions have plagued my life as of late:

Why is in the world in the state that it’s in?
How can we let it be this way?
Who’s responsible for what has gone wrong?
Why do we care so much for others but do nothing unless it personally effects us?
Why do people complain more than take action?
Why do we let monetary currency dictate our lives?
How can we be one planet?
What steps can we take to make the world united?
When does the fighting stop?
What will it take to teach humanity to do what is right?
Why do we put education behind everything else?

I’m sure this isn’t the extent of the questions on my mind. There is a problem here and it’s the fact that these questions are something that just can’t be answered. I can always get an answer but it’ll never be right. It’ll always be opinion and theory. I believe I’m going to try and answer some of these questions with my own opinions/theories. You maybe asking, “what gives me the right to answer such questions?” I don’t have the right to be the spokesperson for any of it but I am someone who has lost all faith in this existence that is humanity.

What am I doing?

Here I am, sitting on the bowl. The one place where thoughts run amuck. My stomach is a mess and my health? It’s not doing much better. For a bit, my acid reflux was totally getting better but sometimes it really gets me. Lately being a bit more frequent. Yet as much as I try to concern my thoughts on my well being I’m more or less thinking of other things. I just read an article about  conflict diamonds and how it is so in-humane at how people are getting treated. I totally agree that it is so bad at what is happening. Yet I have no idea what I can do about it. Meanwhile, another part of me is suffering with new allergies I never knew I had till I moved up here. Apparently, my sinuses don’t like it windy in the high desert. Too much new shit blowing around in the air fucking me up. At this moment, I can’t stop burping. Most likely due to the tomato sauce for dinner. Acid, acid reflux, I’m sure you get picture. Hence me sitting on the bowl right now. My mind still all over the place, looking for more articles to read finds one about Starbucks. It appears that they are going to start a storefront in Switzerland on their trains. Yeah, so during your commute to work you can be at Starbucks the whole time. Note my mind is totally screwed. Here I am, feeling sick from my nasal cavity to my stomach while people in Africa are suffering from conflict diamonds situations, and people are concerning themselves with getting coffee on a train. Why is my brain all over the place? Maybe the world is just wrong and I’m fine. Well maybe my mind, not my stomach.

What do I want to do?

I’ve come to realize that I am a man of many talents. It might sound a bit full of myself but it is true. First and foremost my job as an IT Professional is what I do for a living and I don’t see that changing at all. However, I want to pursue my hobbies that I’m good at. Photography, Videography, DJ, Musician, Blogger, Voice Recording and Racing. The thing is I want to focus on one of these things and make it my thing to do. I feel like I’ve been spreading myself thin on things I want to make vs. things I want to do.

Videography: I love going to places and exploring new areas and I usually film them. However, when it comes to putting together a video I lack the knowledge of video production. So I thought, maybe I should go to school for it? Many problems associated with that though. Time and Money are at the top of the list on this front. I could always go out and self learn what I need to learn but then time becomes the issue.

DJ: I love music. There is no doubting that but what I lack is gear and skill. I feel that I can put together great music and keep people happy with what I play, but I’m just a solo act that not many people have heard of or know. Gear is just one of those expenses that goes hand and hand with the line of work it is.

Musician: As much as I love music I do also love playing music as well. I’m Hawaiian, it’s what we all assume we can do. Kanekapila isn’t the same out here so I’m left basically playing with myself. (Get your head out of the gutter.)

Blogger: What is there to blog about now a days? I go to work and I go home and relax.

Voice Recording: I love talking into a microphone and talking up a script for a commercial. However, my voice only gets used inside of this building. Would be great to have a contract to record my voice and have my voice all over the place. It’s not that I love hearing my own voice, I just love going nuts in front of a microphone. :-P

Racing: Oh boy has this been a passion of mine since I was a kid. Problem is as a grown up you need to pay for the damages you do to your car and well I’m not ready for that just yet.

Photography: The first thing on the list. Something a lot of you know me for. Something I have almost completely fell out of. I haven’t had a passion for shooting in a long long while. Honestly, it might have something to do with the fact that I’m living in the middle of a desert. All the inspiration of the islands is nothing compared to what is out here. Maybe I need to find something out here to get me shooting again. Until then, I barely use my camera any more.

So the question is, what do I want to do?


Oahu Vacation – November 14-19, 2012

So I finally had a chance to come home on vacation and well of course I had my camera. So this will be a documentation of that vacation. I must say that where I have moved to really really lacks color so I was excited to finally put my camera to use again. Also, sorry to all the peeps that would have expected me to cover an event while I was down there but I really was just looking to relax. Maybe next time. So lets start this Journey.

It was a long drive to LAX from Victorville, but when I got there and on the plane I was pleasantly surprised. I got to ride on Hawaiian Airline’s new Airbus. Talk about awesome! I really wish I paid some attention to when I was choosing a seat so I would have been more prepared for the long flight. You see that each seat has a Touchscreen in them, but right next to them is a USB slot. Before the flight I loaded up my phone to have a good amount of videos for me to watch on the flight over. Hawaii Five-O’s episode could not have been more timely for this flight as it was a “terrorist” episode. Couldn’t help but laugh at that. Anyways, what I did not know was that the screens are able to interact with a USB drive. I probably could have loaded all those videos to a thumb-drive and watched them on a bit bigger screen. Oh wells, next time. Also, no it didn’t recognize my phone as a thumb-drive, but it did keep it charged the whole flight so that was awesome.

Another surprise was the lunch! WOW!!! Grilled Chicken, Brown Rice, Peas & Carrots, Chocolate Cake, Salad? ON AN AIRPLANE!!! Almost unheard of now a days. Thank you for being so Awesome Hawaiian Airlines.

 This was a nice sight to see, Rain. Something as simple as rain made me so happy. Where we are now, it has rained maybe five times. I never realized something so simple would have been missed so much by me. This was also in Ewa Beach and the brand new shopping center they were building.

Soon after landing though and dropping off all my stuff at my parents place, I was ushered off to dinner. My brother chose the spot so Hooters in Aloha Tower we went. Since I had been on a plane for so long and then driven all over the creation, well lets just say I had to “go.” So go I went and to my surprise I found something pretty fucking hilarious. Well I thought it was hilarious.

While waiting for my brother, I saw two beautiful sights still around. The Falls of Clyde and amazing sunsets.

I also started using what I thought would be a catchy hashtag on Instagram called #hawaiinoneedfilter. Well it really doesn’t need it at all.

After dinner my dad wanted to go and see One Drop playing at Mai Tai’s so we went to Ala Moana. Oh how I have missed this mall. I never would have thought that after working that mall for almost five years that I’d miss it that much. The holiday decorations were in full effect there as well so that was a treat as well.

Center Stage was snowing like they have been doing for the last couple years with their soapy snow. If only the people knew what we do with those foam cannons during certain show :-P LOL

One Drop started playing at around 10 so it was going to be a great show from then on. Only thing was that it was getting late for me as I had already been doing a lot of shit!! My ass needed some sleep so when they took their first break we talk story with them then took off and went home. Good time though to hear live local music again.

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