Where do I begin?

So my life is completely different from where it was just a year ago. Many things have changed and my life is completely different. I’m most of the way through my fourth year living here on the mainland trying to make things work for myself. I have two adorable kitties to whom are the only thing I come home to. Well aside from my computer. :-P

I’ve been trying to look out toward the future but I have no idea what it has in store for me. At the same time though, I have no idea what to feed it to make it go the way I would hope to make it turn out in my favor. My life is full of hopes and dreams but nothing singularly to focus on. I have visions of many random things I would love to do but no idea which to do or work on. I want to do them all but no idea where to begin.

Do I go back to school?

Do I try to figure it all out on my own?

So many questions but the one thing that I’m thinking of doing is starting to write some fiction. I’ve been inspired lately by a community of fantasy lovers and they have done nothing but spark my love of story. I’ve always been into fantasy story telling as it’s a way for me to disconnect from the world but to write my own is a venture that I have no idea if I can make it happen. I’ve tried before and only got to two pages.

These guys though have totally inspired me to change all of that. It’s just a group of people playing D&D and loving every minute of it. Well until one of them get’s close to death and is in utter panic. They obviously bring a lot of life to the story being voice actors but the way they play with the story they are creating on the fly is absolutely magic. A better way to describe it is that they are performing at the highest level of Improv Theatre but at the same time just playing a game. Each character is played by each player fully based on their character’s backstory and stats. Each player does a wonderful job of being in that character and it just mystifies me and pulls me in even more. The dungeon master (Matt Mercer) does a wonderful job of pulling the whole story together using his knowledge of the game and lore making for an interesting platform for the players to play off of.

I had never really tried to get into Role Playing but I’ve known others who do and I didn’t think I could do it. I just thought it was just too much for me. That’s all changed now. After watching them go at it with such passion, enjoyment and laughter, I could totally do this. It looks like so much fun.

I’ll get on that later but first… I think it’s time to start coming up with ideas for a fiction that I would love to tell people. Wish me luck.

Also, thank you so much to Geek and Sundry for having a beautiful community for me to find out that I’m not alone in my geek-ness. LOL THANK YOU!

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