POTD 022/365 – The Fox Studio: DONE!

Something about this photo is screaming "META" but I don’t think anyone is going to figure it out. Anyways. We made a bass trap with some wood to work out this effect on the walls. Turned out pretty good. Also, cutting wood at night knowing people are home is absolutely hilarious. LOL

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POTD 020/365 – Well that’s just gross

I came to work and saw this shit all over the ground. I usually get pissed because people don’t break down their boxes around here. However, when the trash can is so fucking full that your damn MEDICAL WASTE IS FALLING OUT OF IT, THAT’S JUST NOT FUCKING COOL!!! I feel like I’m going to die from something.

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POTD 019/365 – Hanging Sound Panels Like A Boss

We have been tasked with hanging these awesome sound panels up in our studios and damn do they make a huge difference. I would have loved to keep the big room sound but they wanted to deaden the room a bit. So we did and holy shit did it. Also, we are pretty good at this shit.

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POTD 018/365 – AFC/NFC Championships? I need beer.

First stop for the day was at Buffalo Wild Wings for the Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks game. That game, wow… I left at half time I was so disappointed. Went to Target for a bit. After we went to Oggi’s Pizza to watch the Patriots game. Watching the ending of the first game I saw the best come back ever. The picture? His and Her beers. Her’s a Stella Artois in a nice Chalice. Mine, a Hanger 24 Double Chocolate. It was good….

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POTD 012/365 – Doing production from my desk

We’ve been a bit swamped with stuff and I have two Blue Yeti mics on my desk. Well I pay for Adobe Creative Cloud which means I have Adobe Audition. I guess this means I’m capable of doing some production straight from my desk. I mean, why not? I should probably grab some pop-filters though for these things. LOL

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POTD 010/365 – Wet Rainy Night but with SNOW!

Dude, it rained almost all day!!! So why not enjoy a day of water with an evening of booze, pizza and a slightly solid form or water. I really just posted my Tripod in the back of the truck and did some bulb shots at a max of f/ 32 to get the most amount of just snow with some blurring. Turns out… it didn’t work to well and I was waaaaay to fucking cold and wet to keep trying. Also, the lens was just filling up with water spots. So the longer I held the shots the more refraction of light was happening on those spots LOL. I still like it though.

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