Where is home now?

For a guy who has grown up in what can be considered a far away land. That land being in the middle of the ocean, I often find myself questioning why I left that place. Why would I leave some place so special? A place where love, life, family, and belonging are so prevalent to me. I began really questioning it recently after going back home to visit in July.

This time around though, I was not alone on my visit home. It was an interesting experience taking someone to my island home. This person had never been to Hawaii and, like most of the people here on the mainland, only know of the stories they were told. Stories of it’s beauty, it’s people, and it’s culture. We have so much to offer the world in the ways of living. It’s beauty can empower those to make serious changes to their lifestyle. Some could even find peace for once in their lives.

It was obvious by the smiles on both her face and of her daughter’s face that they loved Hawaii. From the swimming everyday in the ocean, to the many sights, shopping, and of course the fantastic food we have spread across all of the islands. When we got back, she told me that she had never seen a rainbow more full in her life. Even if she didn’t say it, I know that she fell in love with my home. Arguably, it is really hard not to fall in love with Hawaii.

I still get asked why I would leave a place with so much Aloha. So much Mana. The truth of it is the price of living in paradise. When I left Hawaii, we were living in a 524 sq/ft apartment for $1000 a month back in 2011. Today, the same place is going for around $1400. With everything else being expensive already in Hawaii it wasn’t easy to stay afloat with the ever rising costs. So when the opportunity came to work in the mainland, I took it. At the start of 2020 it’ll be eight long years since I made that decision.

A lot has changed since I left and a part of me feels like I have been a contributor to those costs. A bill has been passed in Hawaii called Bill 89 CD2. This bill is to help regulate the ever growing popularity of Short-Term leasing by websites/apps like AirBnb and Expedia.

According to the Bill, it’s purpose is to better regulate the use of homes for less than 30 days. While the Bill was being purposed, many thought of it as a way to save their neighborhoods from the random people showing up and ruining the area. I can understand this from the stories I’ve heard about people leaving an AirBnB unit in complete chaos.

On the other side of the issue is the real reason why I feel like a contributor to the Bill being passed is the amount of rentals available on the islands. A lot of good homes and residential apartment builds had been converted into Bed and Breakfast units due to the popularity of these sites. A home owner who has a space to rent could easily double or even triple their profits from a vacation rental instead of yearly lease from a resident.

I haven’t used the sites AirBnB or Expedia to book my stays in Hawaii but instead I have used a site called VRBO as it was the first I had heard of to offer these types of services. A big reason is that when I go home, I don’t want to be reminded that Hawaii is a tourist destination. It’s a feeling you can’t shake when you stay at a hotel in the islands. Instead I try to look for a condo or house to rent while I’m there. It just feels more like home when I do. There is a stipulation to the Bill that allows for vacation rentals to remain in areas where it is permitted. Namely those places with all of the hotels.

As of right now, I really don’t know what to think. Considering that there will be less units available to rent from for a short-term lease, those prices are sure to rise. I guess time will tell on what’s to come of the B&B market in Hawaii.


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What are the effects?

What are the effects? We as a race just can’t seem to get it’s shit together. I think in just the last few months, move lives have been lost due to stupidity and selfish actions than ever before.

In Somalia, a truck bombing killed hundreds. FUCKING HUNDREDS!  In Las Vegas, one asshole decided that he was going to shoot into a crowd of people enjoying a concert. He killed more than 50 people. Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, Florida, Texas, all devestated by multiple hurricanes.

Only one of these things is beyond our control and that is the weather. We can only protect those that would be in harms way as much as possible.  What about the rest? What about the violence? Why is the world so quick to react with violence?

So many damn questions and not enough answers. Sometimes it feels like oppresion would be easier than what we have today. Not all the time of course but it’s the stories that get reported that just makes you wonder, “Can this world ever know what peace is?” People sing it during the holidays, over and over with songs like Joy to the World but it feels like it falls on deaf ears.

I don’t know what the answers are and I don’t feel like anyone has the right answer no matter what the circumstance. What I do believe is that the world needs to get it’s shit together or we may just end up extinct like the dinosaurs. Only difference is that it won’t be a meteor that takes us out, it’ll be ourselves.


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Writing the thoughts in my head

I need to talk. I need to get the thoughts across and out of my head. My head is so full of emotion and depression that I feel like writing is the only way that I can deal with it all. We live in a time where the world is pissed at everything and everyone. We can’t agree on how to be good people. Hell some can’t even agree that we’re all human. We have people who want to murder others for being different, for preaching another religion, for money, revenge, completely stupid reasons. It’s depressing.


The only thing we can all agree on is that we want happiness. Not just happy with what we are or have at the end of the day, but just the fact that we are satisfied. The problem of course is in the how do we become happy?

A particular example is the North Korean leader. What does it take to make a psychopath happy when all he’s known growing up is that we are the bad guys? You have other countries who are trying to do the right thing for their people but are completely incapable of satisfying their needs.

The worst part about writing things down I find is that all I have is questions. I don’t have any answers. Nothing I would consider a real answer. My answer would be a fairy tale of sorts. One that could possibly be only written into a movie. The answer of mine? Just hope that everyone would just get along. What do we do to make that reality?

Collectively, we are (the human race) a species of unrefined wisdom. A wisdom of understanding that we are the species that has risen from a state of basic animal instinct. As I remember hearing in a TED talk once with Adam Savage, we are the only species on this planet has hasn’t evolved physically to fit into our environments. We more or less adapted our clothes to fit our environments.

You can’t just take a lion from an African Desert and drop it into the middle of the frozen tundra and expected to survive for very long. Through evolution, it could be possible of course but that could take some time. We as humans, we are capable of doing such things. So why is it so hard for all of us to just get along?

I think the problem doesn’t exist in our ability to adapt. We have been masters of that ability for thousands of years. I believe that it has something to do with our ability to accept. Acceptance of one another unconditionally.

I need more time to think on this and my brain is going a mile a minute so I’ll need to come back and collect my thoughts.

Till next time

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What to do?

What’s up folks? It’s been a while since I’ve written in my blog. I have no idea who reads blogs anymore. Most of the time it’s the instant gratification of status updates on Facebook and Twitter that seem to get all of the attention these days.

Well I feel like I need to change all of that for myself and start writing again about things that matter to me. Like, for starters, why this world can’t agree on shit anymore? 

Anyways, I think I’m going to start working on a daily blog again and just write some stuff about how I’m doing and what I’m thinking about.

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Thank You David Bowie

Life is a fleeting gift. It’s here for but a short moment in time. This morning was a tragic reminder of that as one of my heroes is gone. When I woke this morning, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I unlocked my phone and started going through all of my normal social media sites to see what’s new with the world. I noticed that everyone was sharing his music and it was glorious. It was just this passed Friday that we were singing the praises of his 69th birthday and that he was still working as hard as ever by releasing a new album “Blackstar.” I thought to myself then that he is every bit of the legend that he has built himself to be. The Goblin King was still ruling in his kingdom of music. However, that joy came to an end when I finally saw another post, “RIP David Bowie.” I couldn’t believe what I read. I had to load up the news to see for myself. Sadly, it was true. Here he was working till the end to spread his visions of music to all of us through so many decades.


Like many around my age we knew very well of David Bowie as The Goblin King. David played this role with so much magic in his character that as a kid, even I wanted to be a Goblin King. How can the bad guy be such a loveable character? The answer is David Bowie.

Through the years (decades) David set the bar so high up when it came to challenging the norm in the music industry. Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom, Gray Clown, The Goblin King, Thin White Duke, the list goes on and on with the characters that he created to tell his story through the music.

He’s even been credited with challenging MTV in their early days asking why the channel was overly white. He even challenged sexuality. On top of all of that, he’s sung with so many greats. Freddie Mercury with Queen, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz, and Bing freaking Crosby!

It’s hard not to see that David Bowie had a strong influence on my life. It was ok to be different, so long as I owned it. So with that I have to say, thank you David Bowie. Thank you for being a force to be reckoned with. Goodbye.

Also, here’s a picture with David Bowie looking bad ass with some wolves from a few years ago.

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Where do I begin?

So my life is completely different from where it was just a year ago. Many things have changed and my life is completely different. I’m most of the way through my fourth year living here on the mainland trying to make things work for myself. I have two adorable kitties to whom are the only thing I come home to. Well aside from my computer. :-P

I’ve been trying to look out toward the future but I have no idea what it has in store for me. At the same time though, I have no idea what to feed it to make it go the way I would hope to make it turn out in my favor. My life is full of hopes and dreams but nothing singularly to focus on. I have visions of many random things I would love to do but no idea which to do or work on. I want to do them all but no idea where to begin.

Do I go back to school?

Do I try to figure it all out on my own?

So many questions but the one thing that I’m thinking of doing is starting to write some fiction. I’ve been inspired lately by a community of fantasy lovers and they have done nothing but spark my love of story. I’ve always been into fantasy story telling as it’s a way for me to disconnect from the world but to write my own is a venture that I have no idea if I can make it happen. I’ve tried before and only got to two pages.

These guys though have totally inspired me to change all of that. It’s just a group of people playing D&D and loving every minute of it. Well until one of them get’s close to death and is in utter panic. They obviously bring a lot of life to the story being voice actors but the way they play with the story they are creating on the fly is absolutely magic. A better way to describe it is that they are performing at the highest level of Improv Theatre but at the same time just playing a game. Each character is played by each player fully based on their character’s backstory and stats. Each player does a wonderful job of being in that character and it just mystifies me and pulls me in even more. The dungeon master (Matt Mercer) does a wonderful job of pulling the whole story together using his knowledge of the game and lore making for an interesting platform for the players to play off of.

I had never really tried to get into Role Playing but I’ve known others who do and I didn’t think I could do it. I just thought it was just too much for me. That’s all changed now. After watching them go at it with such passion, enjoyment and laughter, I could totally do this. It looks like so much fun.

I’ll get on that later but first… I think it’s time to start coming up with ideas for a fiction that I would love to tell people. Wish me luck.

Also, thank you so much to Geek and Sundry for having a beautiful community for me to find out that I’m not alone in my geek-ness. LOL THANK YOU!

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