Thoughts through words

Questions have plagued my life as of late:

Why is in the world in the state that it’s in?
How can we let it be this way?
Who’s responsible for what has gone wrong?
Why do we care so much for others but do nothing unless it personally effects us?
Why do people complain more than take action?
Why do we let monetary currency dictate our lives?
How can we be one planet?
What steps can we take to make the world united?
When does the fighting stop?
What will it take to teach humanity to do what is right?
Why do we put education behind everything else?

I’m sure this isn’t the extent of the questions on my mind. There is a problem here and it’s the fact that these questions are something that just can’t be answered. I can always get an answer but it’ll never be right. It’ll always be opinion and theory. I believe I’m going to try and answer some of these questions with my own opinions/theories. You maybe asking, “what gives me the right to answer such questions?” I don’t have the right to be the spokesperson for any of it but I am someone who has lost all faith in this existence that is humanity.

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