What am I doing?

Here I am, sitting on the bowl. The one place where thoughts run amuck. My stomach is a mess and my health? It’s not doing much better. For a bit, my acid reflux was totally getting better but sometimes it really gets me. Lately being a bit more frequent. Yet as much as I try to concern my thoughts on my well being I’m more or less thinking of other things. I just read an article about  conflict diamonds and how it is so in-humane at how people are getting treated. I totally agree that it is so bad at what is happening. Yet I have no idea what I can do about it. Meanwhile, another part of me is suffering with new allergies I never knew I had till I moved up here. Apparently, my sinuses don’t like it windy in the high desert. Too much new shit blowing around in the air fucking me up. At this moment, I can’t stop burping. Most likely due to the tomato sauce for dinner. Acid, acid reflux, I’m sure you get picture. Hence me sitting on the bowl right now. My mind still all over the place, looking for more articles to read finds one about Starbucks. It appears that they are going to start a storefront in Switzerland on their trains. Yeah, so during your commute to work you can be at Starbucks the whole time. Note my mind is totally screwed. Here I am, feeling sick from my nasal cavity to my stomach while people in Africa are suffering from conflict diamonds situations, and people are concerning themselves with getting coffee on a train. Why is my brain all over the place? Maybe the world is just wrong and I’m fine. Well maybe my mind, not my stomach.

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