Where has all the good in this life gone?

Let’s face it, this America is in turmoil. We live in a Country where tragedy is a normal occurrence. I think we can all agree that it shouldn’t be normal to read headlines like what has happened in Texas, Ohio, and California. It’s ridiculous that we can see all of these “Thoughts and Prayers” but never a solution?

Let’s look at the elephant in the room here, gun control. I’m no expert on guns. I have never fired one and yet even I understand the view of having one as protection. I understand that the way the second amendment is written that we have an inherit right to “bare arms.” However, at what point does a right superseded our very survival? I don’t mean this as a way of saying, “We need more guns!”


Obviously, Texas is a state that doesn’t have a problem with guns but 20 people were killed there. The gunman survived and was taken into custody. In the state with all the “lawful gun owners/open carry is allowed” no one stopped to take this guy out before he killed 20 people? I’m pretty sure, more guns is not the answer. Just recently the NRA in Texas was boasting about how they managed to loosen gun laws there. This shouldn’t be the way things are. Take a look at this:

Listening to this session from back in 2016 before Obama left office, maybe now is a good time to talk about Gun Control? I don’t know, maybe something like a Driver’s License? Background checks? At this point something is better than nothing right?

Some people might argue that I might not get it. What I might not get is that when the Amendment was written, it was to protect the people from the Government. Should the Government go against the people, the people would have a means to defend themselves.

Just an FYI, as a Hawaiian, I actually do get it. Talking with people here in the mainland, most have no idea of how Hawaii first became a territory, then a state. It wasn’t like someone came over and was like, “Hey would you like to become part of the United States of America?” Nope. It was taken at gun point. Weird right?

Now let me ask this; if the government would do something so tyrannic as to subvert it’s people into something that would force you to take up arms, who do you think it is that you will be fighting against? Would it be the government or would it be the people who are employed by the government? You know, the police, our military, the men and women who are meant to protect the people. Are you going to fight back against them? Are you going to take up arms against those who are only trying to do their jobs?

I do not know the answers and I won’t pretend to, but now is as good a time as any to start the conversation. No matter what the man baby in office has to say. Now is the time to have this conversation. I don’t care about the ideals of a Dems vs Reps. Red vs Blue. What I do care about is people being murdered in public by those who only wish to bring harm to other people. Not hunting for sport. Not for the love of shooting guns. Not for protection. These individuals sought to kill people. PEOPLE!

Remember, the Constitution starts out with the words, “We the People” not the corporations/politicians. We the People

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